Skill Definition

Skills facilitating interaction and communication with others.

Child’s Benefit

Teaches a child how to interact in the real world and with other people. Manners, turn-taking, role-playing and other socialization skills prepare children for group play, school and help build self-esteem.
Logic & Reasoning

Logic & Reasoning

Skill Definition

The capacity for a child to make sense of things.

Child’s Benefit

Thinking skills. It is the means by which children begin to understand and think about cause and effect, what works and what doesn't.

Wood-Like-Soft-Blocks 80pcs

  • Item # 715071
  • Age 12m+
  • 80 Pieces

You think its wood until you pick it up!

Edu Foam blocks for easy building and stacking – no splinters and no sharp wood corners.

Enhances creative and imaginative play

$ 39.99


Includes: 80pcs – unique flexible blocks, 3.5 cm thick!

Pack Dimensions:

22 x 22 x 30cm

8.8 x 8.8 x 11.5inches

They are soft, durable and even float and stick together when wet.